Delhi Public School Sahibabad




With the state of the art infrastructure the school provides a wide array of co curricular activities and sports. We believe that these activities help in developing time management skills, relationship and emotional skills.

DPS Sahibabad endeavours to incorporate three genre of education in the school:

  1. Reasoning
  2. Psychomotor
  3. Emotional learning

Co- curricular activities render many values

  1. Educational value
  2. Phycological values
  3. Development of social values
  4. Physical development values
  5. Recreational values
  6. Cultural values




We aspire to nurture young minds to be lifelong learners and therefore focus on their overall well-being. Life skills programmes are regularly conducted to ensure physical and ethical well-being of the students.



The concept of house system is an integral part of every school aiming at holistic development of students. It forms the basis of all competitions in the school. It promotes team spirit, group loyalty, healthy competition and adherence to school values and rules. From classes I the school is divided into four houses named after the sacred rivers of India.



We at DPS Sahibabad, understand the importance of life-skills education. Life skills education aims at facilitating the development of psychological skills that are required to deal with the demands and challenges of everyday life. It includes the application of life skills in the context of situations where children need to be empowered to promote and protect their rights and become responsible citizens of tomorrow who are able to face the demands of life self-assuredly.


  • Strengthen and improve school health
  • Promote democracy, gender equality and peace
  • Prevent health and social problem
  • Preparing children for changing social circumstances

Hence, facilitate learning such qualities by practising life skills through activities such as group work, discussions, role play, drama, art, circle time, debates and peer supported learning.