Schools in Rajendra Nagar Sahibabad –Pedagogy
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Striving For Excellence - Pedagogy Pursued

DPS Sbd. offers its learners an inimitable opportunity to grow and develop through a diverse and promising curriculum interspersed with myriad range of activities. Through the inquiry based learning, students are taught to take ownership and onus of the learning process and are motivated to positively engage and involve themselves in their own education by setting personal goals. This is done to discover their interests, talents and strengths. The care and support provided by the school helps in fostering positive attitude in them so that, they become risk-takers, without the fear of being intimidated and being judged.

Creative Curriculum

The curriculum designed in the school is the outcome of extensive research, planning and preparation by experienced staff and is planned in tandem with the recent developments and research in the field of teaching practices and student learning. The school has integrated STEM and cloud technologies like One drive are used to monitor student progress and achievement, provide valuable feedback and extend real- time support. To ensure the holistic development of the young learners, we have embraced various innovative curriculum designs and pedagogical techniques such as specialized Coaching Classes for competitive examinations.

Innovative pedagogical tools

The teaching pedagogy directly influences student outcomes and therefore, pedagogical practices are of principal focus in the school to enhance success- quotient of students.

  • The curriculum is planned and designed after conducting thorough research in the respective field. The content is finely mapped to the learning objectives and outcomes keeping in mind the age-appropriate learning styles and diversified learning needs of the learners.
  • Multi-disciplinary approach to teaching learning is followed whereby, the concepts are taught while integrating a variety of disciplines.
  • Whole brain synergy forms an essential part of the curriculum which focuses on the way students acquire information and the way brain processes it. Scientific concepts are taught through activities specifically designed keeping in mind the differential and multiple intelligences and abilities of students.
  • Goal setting is is practiced by students with support of parents and teachers so that they have a definite vision and purpose to achieve the goal. The goals are mapped and fine- tuned with the vision of the school through elaborate discussions between parents and teachers.