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Best Pre-primary School

  1. Pre-primary wing provides a holistic, safe and nurturing environment that sets the best early foundation for life- long learning and shapes tender minds to engage in fun-filled learning experiences about the world around them. The learning engagements are meticulously planned with a view to develop and strengthen multiple intelligences in the foundation years of learning.
  2. The curricular and co-curricular activities revolve round the thought of 360 degree development of a child. The first 5 years of a child constitute the most significant period in his life mainly for the reason that a sound foundation is laid for the progress of various domains namely motor, sensory, cognitive, linguistic, social and emotional.


Primary School at DPS Sahibabad

  1. The primary school provides a vibrant, comfortable and secure learning environment that has been designed keeping in mind the diverse learning needs of students. It encompasses the best teaching and learning pedagogies which benefits the teacher and the students.
  2. There are special corners dedicated for individual and collaborative activities related to enhance reading, writing, mathematical as well as environmental  consciousness of students. Learning from the real-world is emphasized upon and students are given a host of opportunities to have actual hands-on-experience to understand different processes, concepts and functions, through a syllabus that is thematically designed to build strong concepts from grade I to V, moving from local context to global. The curriculum has been planned as per the specifications by CBSE and guidelines issued by NCERT under NCF.


The Middle School at DPS Sahibabad

The Middle School at DPS Sahibabad serves as a conducive learning space where students can find out their latent talents and carve a niche for themselves in specific domains of their interests and aptitude.

Myriad activities are strategically woven within the curriculum to develop leadership, team-building, problem solving and critical thinking skills which are an inseparable component of preparing 21st century learners to face the future challenges with confidence.

An well researched academic plan of studies that is multi-disciplinary and focuses on an integrated approach towards learning and looks at connecting variables across the various disciplines:

  1. Social Science Education
  2. Mathematics Education
  3. Language Education
  4. Science Education
  5. Information Technology Education
  6. Co-curricular Curriculum